Frequently asked questions

In the DRKRM you can learn everything about analog film, whether photography, 8mm or 16mm moving image (film). Under the goes you see everything that is possible with us.

Sure. If you are not a member of Konglomerat e.V., you can rent our space for your photo or film work. Or you can come to our open workshop every 3rd Thursday of the month.
Just ask at:

You can develop any classic black and white film with us.
For developing color films we recommend Foto Görner from Dresden.

Yes, with us you can make prints from your color negatives yourself up to a width of 30 cm.

Yes, you can. Whether you want to develop black and white reversal or negative, slide (E6) or color (ECN), you can do it with our Lomo tanks!

Unfortunately not yet, but we are working on it!

No. We do not offer a film development service. But we show you how you can do it yourself.